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October 19, 2019

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SuziJune 28, 2015

I love this show and cant wait to watch this episode. I am behind, but will catch up as soon as I can. Brandon is obviously very talented and it will be fun following his progress on the show. I think he did a great job in the interview by the way. He was sincere, but kept the mood light which was appropriate for the show format and audience. As a theatrical performer I understand his choice of costume and feel it was appropriate and thoughtful. To me, the white shirt and pants were a play on the return missionary persona and I think it was clever and tied in with his interview quite well, which makes me wonder if it was actually HIS idea and not the producers? Anyway, Congratulations Brandon. You worked hard and earned this! Break a leg, oh wait, maybe you don't say that to dancers...oops.

HaleyJune 24, 2015

Eileen, Knock it off. You just reflected our church as nit-picking and hyper-judgmental. I think he's a great example. He dedicated two years to the Lord and then was brave enough to talk about it on national television, in a country where the Book of Mormon Musical is the best thing since sliced bread. Also, this dance outfit is extremely conservative, but even if it had been more so, I'd still prefer he didn't wear the garment - with so much motion it's easy for things to be exposed, and on TV is not the ideal place to do it. Finally, and this is the crux of the matter, someone else's underwear is not my business OR yours. I can't believe you even brought it up.

RolaineJune 23, 2015

In defense of the garment issue as a performer he would be expected to not w+-ear the garment or pin it IMO. i think Marie Osmond has a certain leeway as well as Ann Romney. The world is more used to seeing a shirtless man than a topless woman IMO. Dancers have never been on the cutting edge of modesty. Even at BYU? (Covered but not to the point we are at church?)

TenesaJune 23, 2015

Eileen, dancers customarily don't wear garments when performing. The BYU Ballroom Dance Team wears traditional dance wear. As a former dancer, I learned it was impossible to wear garments and remain modest when performing. Don't criticize what you don't understand. Brandon was performing Latin style ballroom and his costume was actually quite modest for that style.

EileenJune 22, 2015

As a very active LDS, I was happy he did his mission and won the dancing but as a LDS, I was NOT happy that he took off his garment and exposed his bare chest for all to see. It is no different than a woman exposing her bobs for all to see. We have to remember that what we do reflects on the church. He didn't have to do that and could danced with his garments on. Great dancer! Not a great example! Please Brandon, remember who and WHAT! you are and good luck!

Helen WellsJune 22, 2015

congratulations, Brandon! your reward for having put your mission first!



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