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July 2, 2022

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Andrea AndersonJune 19, 2015

We just watched Father of The Bride last night and I was horrified. I noticed two comments I had never heard before that made the teenagers who were watching the show very uncomfortable. When the daughter and fiancé are leaving the house the Dad tells them "drive safely and don't forget to fasten the condom" and then the parents go upstairs and the mom says "do you want me to name all the rooms in my parents house we did it in" It may be a funny movie but the Dads made to look like a cheap skate when he balks at spending 125,000 on a wedding. He then gives in and is the scape goat the rest of the movie, made fun of by the wedding coordinator and his wife and daughter never side with him or take his advice. We have seen this movie many times and just now it's dawning on how the few bad things are ignored in our pursuit of entertainment. It's like the Mormon ad with the ice cream that has cockroaches, "Its great except for the bad parts"



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