January 26, 2021

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R . B.June 20, 2015

"If the there's a problem in the marriage there's a problem in the bedroom"

H. StarkJune 19, 2015

"It’s normal to still hurt after one year, especially if you’re still waiting for your husband to take personal responsibility for his actions. If your husband is still blaming you and refuses to be accountable, then your relationship can’t fully heal. The pain of an unhealed relationship is unquenchable if you’re still with the person who doesn’t care about how they’ve hurt you. A partner’s unwillingness to have compassion for your pain, especially when they inflicted it on you, is really just another form of betrayal."I realize we are to practice patience and long suffering, but after a year of the spouse's refusal to accept responsibility for the actions, to be merely in attendance and not an active participant in attempting to salvage the marriage, I cannot help but feel the children would recognize his ambivalence towards the mother and would do further harm. If the wife is keeping her covenants, getting counseling and doing her due diligence, without active participation from the husband, then she has, indeed done all that she can within a marriage where she is, in fact, alone. There would be no guilt in reclaiming herself and her children from this situation by protecting herself and them from further harm by removing themselves.

Sue MartinJune 19, 2015

It took me several years to forgive my husband...He had to do certain things and he did. Unfortunately he has not come full circle with his membership in the Church. He is barely active... This happened over 40 years ago. None of our children are active :( ... I go to church quite regularly but it is not the same without him by my side. We will be celebrating 50 years of marriage later this year. I already belong to Meridian Magazine on line.



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