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July 14, 2024

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Tanya NeiderJune 18, 2015

A Sister whom I visit taught was one of the most successful people I know in planning and incorporating her food storage. She broke down her 3 month supply into 7 (practical, favorite meals) x 12 = 3 months supply and began using her long term storage like flour (baked bread daily in a bread machine) & beans weekly. For example, our family loves homemade spaghetti sauce. With her plan I purchased 12 of each item I use for the sauce and 12 boxes of pasta. I found 6 other dinners multiplied it by 12, and over a short amount of time had my 3 months supply by adding things like oatmeal (my favorite), pancake mix along with a few favorite cereals for breakfast and items like peanut butter, tuna, protein bars, etc. to balance lunch and snacks. What I did find was I needed a better system for rotating and replacing items!

ShareeJune 17, 2015

My 72-hour kit consists of MREs that don't need to be reconstituted with water. Everything fits nicely in my backpack (including water to drink, toilet paper, wet wipes, a pot for cooking, a lighter to start a fire, a plate, knife, fork ad spoon, 2 mylar blankets, a poncho, and an all-purpose tool. In an emergency, I can grab it and go. I had originally purchased what was called a 72-hour kit, but everything needed to be reconstituted with water--over 2 gallons worth--not something you can carry in a backpack. That kit is ow a part of my regular food storage, which also includes items from dry-pack canning at Welfare Square and some freeze-dried items that I probably need to throw away as they are about 30-years old.

Larry RichmanJune 17, 2015

It's wise to buy quantities of food and other necessities when they are on sale, and store them to use over several months. Just buy a few extra every time they are on sale, and before you know it, you’ll have a whole room full of items that were purchased on sale and you won’t have paid full retail prices. I talk about this in a chapter in my book "Talk About Saving Money: How to Save on Food, Utilities, Car Expenses, Mortgage, and Health Care." I'll send a free copy of it to anyone who wants it for just the cost of postage.



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