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February 21, 2024

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JoanJune 7, 2015

There is an amazing marriage experience out there called the MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT WEEKEND. It is for those with a good marriage who just want to kick it up a notch to a higher level, and also for those marriages that are very much struggling. For the good marriage, it is a real blessing and for the struggling marriage, it is truly a lifesaver. As a leader couple who has been involved for more than 35 years, we have seen hundreds of miracles on these weekends. All leader couples involved donate their time to keep the cost as low as possible--just the hotel, food and materials. For more information, just check out the website at

BillJune 7, 2015

I agree with Jane that there's an excellent chance he's addicted to pornography, but I'm not entirely comfortable with "cut him off so he can hit rock bottom". Find out if porn is really the problem. If it is, and he agrees that it's a bad thing, he needs the wife's help to change. if he is addicted to porn and denies that it's a bad thing, then is when the "cut him off" becomes a reasonable option. (How to find out can be problematic...)

JaneJune 5, 2015

If the husband in this article has to take time to see if he feels anything for his wife even as he ignores her affection in favor of his phone chances are he's watching porn. 80% of men watch porn,which causes detachment from their spouses. This woman is obviously being emotionally abused if she's feeling suicidal. These are all signs this marriage is unhealthy and the wife shouldn't spend more of her precious life trying to get her husband to see the light. If he's in to porn the only thing that will get his attention is to cut him off so he can hit rock bottom. Marriage shouldn't hurt physically or emotionally. If it does you're being abused. Don't put up with it!



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