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May 15, 2022

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LaDona QuixoteNovember 21, 2020

Just happened upon this film as I continue to wait out the pandemic in Alaska. What an inspiration. I will be sharing the link to the film with all those I know who need to hear its message in this time of desperation. (November 2020)

LindaJune 10, 2015

TC scores once again, and I believe this is his best work yet! I had read the book some years ago and was touched by it. The film stays very close to that written record. Personally I'm glad that TC did not make this a "Mormon" movie -- it deserves as large and audience as possible.

Peggy Van HaaftenJune 4, 2015

We saw this at LDS film festival. It is really great film and very worth seeing as we will again this weekend. TC told us all that it is important for the success of the film to see it this weekend. Jasen Wade the actor that plays the Deputy is so believable as is the bomber, he is really creepy. Can not say enough for the children actors. GO SEE IT!

Fay KlinglerJune 4, 2015

Thank you for this writeup. Previously I had an interest in viewing this movie, but after reading your article I'm committed to seeing it. I'm also grateful to hear the people who experienced this situation felt good about the retelling.



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