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August 9, 2020

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Eggs, Milk Cows and Goats: Word of Wisdom and Vegetarian Diets | Meridian MagazineJune 24, 2015

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Jane BirchJune 8, 2015

CharlieBrown: The science of nutrition is very complex. There is rarely a black and white answer to any question. Highly trained experts sometimes disagree on the interpretation of data, or weigh various factors differently. Here are some good references which argue against the use of fish oil:;;

CharlieBrown2292June 8, 2015

I am troubled that some of the best heart specialists, such as Dr. Dean Ornish (i.e. The Spectrum) or Chauncey Crandall (Palm Beach Cardiovascular Surgeon), recommend that we make Omega 3 oils a part of our daily diet, in order to protect our heart and brain from damage related to things such as high-cholesterol. Both Doctors are pretty much into alternative and medically proven cures that prove to be more effective and safer than drugs or why this contradiction with Dr. Esselstyn "no oil" approach?

ByronJune 4, 2015

a good article on oil ...

Veggie in SBJune 4, 2015

@ Bruce ... remember, this is Discovering the Word of Wisdom, not discovering Dr. Esselstyn or anybody else. With all the amazing scientific and nutritional evidence supporting this prophetic and inspired revelation, there are going to be shades and textures with the experts. This amazing series of articles has as its foundation the WOW and asks us to discover for ourselves. The plant-based experts may disagree about some foods but are on the same page when it comes to animal products. If your biggest challenge is whether or not to eat avocados or almonds, I would suggest you are way ahead of the game :-)

Debby BennettJune 4, 2015

Firstly to eliminate fats like coconut oil, avocados and raw nut oils is wrong. These were also given for health and the body requires good fats. Secondly it is not wheat that is the's the consumption of wheat flour that is the problem..also the GMO processing of wheat and the pesticide and chemical fertilizers. Using clean wheat that is organic and sprouted results in 70 times the nutrition of the unsprouted grain and has virtually ALL nutrients required by the body for vitality and health. Add lots of pure, properly structured water and some pure himalayan or REAL salt and a little good raw fat and you have it... see for more information. This plan will result in abundant health...and health is wealth!

Jane BirchJune 3, 2015

Bruce: Thanks for the kind words. I agree that the good parts of this diet are helpful, but those alone will not make us “heart-attack proof.” I used to believe as you do that “Healthy oils are very important to good health.” I encourage you to study the work of Dr. Esselstyn. No one has matched his success in preventing and reversing heart disease. Avoiding all oils is an essential part of that, and he is very convincing on this point. Yes, we need healthy fats, but every whole food we eat contains healthy fats. There is no evidence we need more than what the Lord has given us through these simple wholesome plants. You might also check out: Avoiding all nuts, avocados, and coconuts is particularly for individuals who have heart disease, though probably none of us should overconsume these.

Jane BirchJune 2, 2015

Sally Jo: I believe the best science supports what the Lord has told us, “Wheat for man” (D&C 89:17). That does not mean there are not exceptions. I encourage you to study the issue and ask God in prayer. You could also experiment not eating wheat to see how it goes. I’ve written more on this topic here: God bless you and your good husband!

Sally JoJune 2, 2015

My husband has/had stage 4 of stage 4 cancer. It was recommended that he have chemo and radiation....we did not feel good about that, so we opted an alternative route, studied a lot of "Alternative Medicine" counsel and tried to be very careful about what we eat. (The WofW is our guide) That was 12 years ago :) How are we suppose to relate to the fact that most nutritionists/alternative doctors are telling us not to eat wheat? Any insights?

Jane BirchJune 2, 2015

Dear Readers: Dr. Esselstyn does not include high fat whole foods like nuts, avocados, and coconuts in his heart-attack proof diet for individuals who have heart disease. These whole foods have some good nutrients, but they are packaged with more fat than we need. However, they are not as dangerous as some other items on this list. While they are unnecessary for health, most of us at a healthy weight without disease can enjoy them in limited quantities.

BruceJune 2, 2015

This article is helpful in many ways (implementing the counsel of the word of wisdom--increasing plant food sources and decreasing animal fat). But foods to be eliminated, "All oils (including olive, canola, and coconut oils) Nuts, avocadoes, coconut", is just "nuts" :) Healthy oils are very important to good health.



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