February 28, 2021

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SteveMarch 2, 2016

Wonderful!Deciding to have faith, to believe God's word maybe the only foolproof way of locking out the adversary. Feelings, people, circumstances, our failures, our successes, disappointments etc are all poor measures of our faith since they are susceptible to influence. God's word is not. I have found that these real time decisions for God (in spite of everything) act like a big crane that lift you back on to victorious ground.Many thanks, again.

SusanJune 4, 2015

Thank you for helping me gain a better understanding and perspective on faith! I followed the idea that faith meant always having a warm fuzzy feeling, when it's really about choosing to be faithful. I've also applied this idea to the promise given in the sacrament prayers. Even though I may not always feel His spirit with me, I now know it is there when I take His name upon me, always remember Him and keep His commandments. This was truly inspiring!

LindseyJune 3, 2015

Such a good article, thank you so much. I have many times felt the same way and wondered what was wrong. However I have never been able to explain it, even to myself, this clearly! You are definitely inspired and I will think of this next time I need to believe and trust with all I am, because I don't have the feelings of knowing in that moment.

RianJune 1, 2015

These are inspired words I needed to hear today. I struggle with anxiety and far too often it's easier to remember how hard things are right now rather than how good things have been. I will try to remember to make the faith decision!

EdMay 29, 2015

Wonderful words...I felt my faith lift as I read it. Thank you

DavidMay 29, 2015

These words sound very personal to you, but important for all of us in this life of ups and downs. Exercising faith is absolutely a decision, sometimes even in a herculean way. Thank you for sharing, words such as these I can only wish my daughter (who won't believe anymore) would read and ponder.



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