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October 19, 2019

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MargoMay 21, 2015

Wonderful article. Thank you! I have seen the tender mercies in my life and try to always remember that the Lord is in charge. "HE'S GOT THIS "always and forever

Craig FrogleyMay 20, 2015

Ted, Well done...I did the same a number of years ago. When looking up mercy I gravitated to also search the hebrew or greek word from which it was translated. It was paradigm changing...!

Ted GibbonsMay 20, 2015

Brother Hensel, Thanks for your insightful comment. I have a paper I prepared with every use of the phrase "tender mercies" in the Standard Works, and there are three in the Book of Mormon: two in Ist Nephi and one in Ether. I did not focus on the source of the phrase in my article, but rather on the way in which those uses supported what I had learned about those mercies. I probably should have included something from the Book of Mormon.

Eckhard HenselMay 20, 2015

I noticed that you are quoting mainly from the OT. Interestingly there are also a great number of passages in the Book of Mormon about the tender mercies of the Lord.

hollandparkMay 20, 2015

Thank you for your efforts and thoughts and writings, Bro Gibbons. I have learned and felt so much in many of your articles, especially this one.



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