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December 5, 2022

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A Happy HubbyMay 19, 2015

The one statement of: Among four recurring reasons Dones give for finally exiting organized religion is the desire to find a community that demonstrates “a shared understanding that we’re all broken and in need of grace.” is interesting to me. If there is one that that the LDS church is guilty of is having a feeling of "working for our salvation" and not paying much attention to "the saving Grace of the Savior". This causes both poor self image when we come up less than perfect and it can cause us to be very judging of others. I am glad to hear the message that Brad Wilcox has been saying for years and even Sherry Dew has picked up on the importance of Grace. It sounds like we need to make sure we balance the teaching of Grace (among other things) to keep the interest of the next generations.

No AuthorMay 19, 2015

Your point has been duly noted, and the article edited to reflect the need for those changes. (And for future reference, when we refer to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we always try to write it the Church, with a capital C.)

H JeanMay 19, 2015

An interesting article, yet written in a confusing manner. Several times throughout the article the author chose to write "...many are leaving ~the~ church," or "Some leaders within the church..." Which at first leads the reader to believe the article is referencing the LDS Church, when it is not, but for the most part churches in general. Might be best for clarity to change "the church" to "their church."



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