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June 26, 2022

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Paul E PalmerMay 22, 2015

The article states that Abba Eban wrote “Authoritative Israeli statistics tell of four conversions of Jews to Mormonism.” I wonder if these statistics refer to four conversions world-wide or just in Israel? My Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Alexander Neibaur is considered the first Jew to join the LDS Church. He was baptized in Preston, England in 1838 and emigrated to Nauvoo where he did dental work for Joseph and Brigham. To their credit, it is amazing how strongly Church leaders “held their ground.” It would seem that the Lord was determined to bless us with a “house of learning” at the center of his mortal ministry.

AllisonMay 21, 2015

Thanks for this background information especially for those of us either not old enough to remember this time or not exposed to it. Please consider a follow up piece on how the BYU/Israel relationship has grown over the past 25+ years.

vickieMay 19, 2015

I didn't know all of these things about how the Israeli's went against us and the other Christian sects there also joined in and went against us. I can understand the jewish people but not the other Christians there. its a huge shame...

Gary RawlingsMay 19, 2015

We can't forget Pres. Ezra Taft Benson's friendship with Israeli leaders through his connections to the U.S. government as Secretary of Agriculture. He helped lay the ground for the effort as did many other LDS church leaders.



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