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September 24, 2021

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Diane KunkelMay 21, 2015

I loved this article! How refreshing to hear others' ideas of "feasting" on the scriptures! Would you believe at age 59 that I decided to read the Book of Mormon a verse at a time, looking up every footnote in that verse? It's taking me forever, but I am gaining so much!

CynthiaMay 19, 2015

What a thoughtful article! In addition to reading scriptures every evening, I've focused on reading a part of Alma chapters 32-34 in the morning. These scriptures remind me of what the Gospel is all about, and help me keep my focus on the Savior and living His teachings throughout the day. (And, often, provide much-needed encouragement.) I think that the major purposes of scripture reading / study are to keep us close to our Father in Heaven, to infuse our lives with the very best things, and allow us to bring to mind applicable scriptures in any moment of need - or opportunity to testify.

barbMay 18, 2015

I got hung up on King Benjamins speech once - and listened to it over and over and over again! for over a week.... It was WONDERFUL!!!

Cheryl WalkerMay 18, 2015

Once I read the Book of Mormon backwards. All books and chapters in reverse order. I found that it interrupted the normal flow that I was used to and allowed me to focus on the message in each chapter. It was good to do just once. I doubt I'll repeat it.

David RichardsMay 18, 2015

Sometimes the opposite really works though too: reading the scriptures really fast and ignoring the artificial boundaries of chapters and verses that we later put in. Reading by chapter and verse often means we miss the flow of something like Alma's sermons or Paul's epistles; breaking them up as we often do can often be as if we only listened to 2 minutes of a conference talk a day.

Colleen HarrisonMay 18, 2015

Joni, what a wonderful article! A joy to read. Thank you for it.

HiramMay 18, 2015

I applaud that this was written.... What we are advised to do is to "STUDY" the scriptures. Some how we have taken upon us that this means read..... and thus the push to read, read, read and meet the goal of finishing a book, chapter, by a given date ... and forget that the read part is the means to a goal .... to develop and strengthen our relationship with God.... Hopefully we can all experience what you went thru, and take the time to feel, listen, ponder, and receive the guidance, help and love we all need and want from our loving Heavenly Father.....

Angela BarrattMay 18, 2015

I too have found that spending time immersing oneself and deeply pondering one passage of scripture to be more beneficial and enlightening than the "daily read". I have spent as long as a week carefully considering a passage of scripture in this way and found great treasures of knowledge as I've invited the Spirit to open my mind and take me further in. Reading the scriptures is good, but studying them and pondering them takes time and effort and can't be rushed.

RobMay 18, 2015

Thank you for the wonderful article. Great wisdom in slowing down and absorbing the scriptures.



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