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December 15, 2019

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LaNaeMay 16, 2015

Thank you for this excellent article. You insights and ability to express them are always healing and helpful to me.

SandyMay 14, 2015

I absolutely needed this article this morning! Thank you for your insights!

D BrownMay 14, 2015

Excellent article! I know I need to focus more on positive in order to get more positive!

SusanMay 14, 2015

"When we receive any blessing, it is because we have utilized a spiritual formula He has given us." No, it's because we've USED, not "utilized", the formula he's given us. Utilize is NOT a correct synonym for "use" in that sentence because it means to employ something for a purpose other than which it was intended, like utilizing a fork to scratch an itch, whereas the Lord's formulas were intended precisely for these purposes. Aside from this tedious grammar lesson, these principles are great and true in my experience, and we would do well to remind ourselves of them often. Glad I saw this as I prepare for the day with a big challenge in the air.

david finkMay 13, 2015

The Lord works with infinite variables, therefore must be infinitely precise.



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