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February 1, 2023

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DroundyMay 15, 2015

flexibility wins for you and for him. My teachers used to send me off to a corner to work on a different and more challenging project. It was utter bliss for me.

JanetMay 13, 2015

You did your job and made sure he knew the material. Good for you for passing him. There are those who will always try to play social politics and tell you that he did not comply with the correct showing of the process. The problem comes later on when such talent does not learn to comply with the norms of social politics within the workplace. I have a husband and a son just like David. One is an electronics engineer and one is a programmer. I have spent 40+ years watching this scenario play itself out over and over again. Most of the time it has worked out advantageously. They have the ability to intensely study out the problem and find the solution. Most of us just do not have the mental and emotional patience and stamina to do this intense work. But overtime, these individuals do not fit into "social and corporate" politics very well. Those that have business skills form their own businesses. If they are not careful, the business gets too big and they loose control of their own business and are themselves disposed of. Those without the business skills would slowly languish in a business that did not recognize and reward their work, if they had the patience to stay with them. My point is that people like David are indeed brilliant in their areas of expertise. But are very normal in the world of relationships....struggling like everyone else. I still have a few more years of observation yet to go.



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