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May 30, 2023

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JamesMay 7, 2015

If Lincoln lived today, where would he stand on issues like national health care? Would he be the friend first of big business, and then ordinary people? Are we, as citizens of this great nation, yet free from the consequences of great national sins? Are our actions truly worthy of our ideals? It is all well and good to hold a man like Abraham Lincoln in the highest esteem, but mustn't we do the same, and perhaps pay the same price? There is no doubt that, at one point in each of our futures, our actions will be replayed. And there won't be a chance for any do-overs.

ChrisMay 5, 2015

Thanks for the article. One correction is that the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation was issued on Sept 22, 1862 not Aug. This date is also the anniversary of the evening when the Angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith to tell him about the Book of Mormon. See also

ChuckMay 4, 2015

Lincoln actually kept the Book of Mormon for 8 months and returned it after he had written the preliminary emancipation proclamation. He not only acted as a savior but also as a prophet.

KateMay 4, 2015

Lincoln, the man.... and he was a man--one of the best the world has known and God has allowed to grace this planet. I've loved him since I was a child. This article has broadened by understanding of him and his spiritual growth. Thank you for your research and insights.

David DeardeuffMay 4, 2015


mom7May 4, 2015

Beautiful article. How I love this man! He was truly a courageous man of God. I have been and will always be in awe of his ability to listen to the promptings of God and follow them!

Mike MansfieldMay 4, 2015

This is a very good article. Lincoln seemed to have some understanding that America's relationship with God required the nation to live according to the commandments of God. He was also a humble man who desired to do the work of God by ministering in the office to which he was elected. Tim Ballard has written two books on this subject and I would encourage all - if you haven't already - to read both books. Included in the second Ballard book is the theory that Lincoln's reading of the Book of Mormon convinced Lincoln to put his feet upon the path of abolishing slavery in the United States. This land is a covenant land, as described in the Book of Mormon. We as a people are still under that covenant. It is incumbent that we keep the commandments of God. Having leaders to represent us in the government that also believe in honoring those covenants with God will be essential for the survival and well-being of we as a people.

NormMay 4, 2015

Similiar theme to that section on Lincoln in the book "7 Miracles that Saved America" by Chris and Ted Stewart

sueMay 4, 2015

Timothy Ballard has written a book called The Lincoln Hypothesis, explaining the connection between Lincoln, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. Lincoln took out a copy of the Book of Mormon for a month, during a crucial point of the war, and it obviously had an influence on him also. That book resides in the Library of Congress, and to see it, you must know the first line in the book, once you get into the special collections section. There he noted many of Lincoln's remarks written in that book. Lincoln even predicted his own death! It is a remarkable book and thanks for a great article.



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