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June 23, 2021

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RosieMay 4, 2015

This happened exactly to someone I'm close to. She wrote an article published in the July 2012 Ensign "When he stopped believing"...She is now a R.S. President in her ward and finding many women with similar issues.....A problem of our times it seems.

A Struggling HusbandMay 3, 2015

My wife of 28+ years has resigned her membership from the church. It IS excruciatingly difficult, especially as I see her influence draw my adult children away from the church too. So, while I agree in principle with the OP, I can tell you that doesn't get much milage as I struggle with what to do. The ONLY thing that has really helped me through this is to stay close to the Lord. To do that, I go to the temple weekly, and I study the scriptures with more fervency now than ever before. Going to church by myself is a mixed bag: on one hand, I love the association with fellow ward members. On the other it kills to sit by myself where just a few months ago, I sat with virtually all my family. Divorce is a seductive siren, but the Spirit has consistently said, that I need to find a way to make the marriage work. It's not easy but that's my way forward. It's the best hope my wife and children have: to unconditionally love them and to set, as humbly as I can, the best possible example I can of being a follower of Jesus Christ. God bless you in your efforts too.

helgaMay 2, 2015

I believe in the answer there's no acknowledgement of the wife's pain about things like "so what's gonna happen to our eternal family now?" or "how can we still be companions without sharing our spiritual life?". I'm in the same situation and I feel we are growing further and further apart with my husband and in the meantime answers like the above sound more and more superficial.

Been ThereMay 1, 2015

After about 14 years of my husband being inactive in the gospel, the right people came along and he is again attending church and going to the temple!! It took commitment, lots of prayer, fasting, temple attendance on my part, but it was worth it all! Hang in there.

MichelleMay 1, 2015

I wonder if there is something else going on below the surface? While Geoff gave some great advice, I wonder if there is something else going on. Is there a pornography problem? I know many LDS people who divorced for a variety of reasons, and several who have left the church. But, every single one who said they no longer believed in the church turned out to have a secret pornography addiction. Every single one.

ShareeMay 1, 2015

Please suggest that this man read the Givens' book, Crucible of Doubt. It may help him get his faith back.

A Happy HubbyMay 1, 2015

Geoff, With many faith crises occurring these day, I wish your few sentences of, "Couples don’t fall apart because they believe different things. Couples fall apart because they aren’t able to care about how the other feels" could be understood. That is so pivotal to the situation. It pains me to see divorces when someone even struggles with questions. It just seems so un-Christ-like. Thanks for your time to answer these questions. I enjoy your articles when they show up.



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