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April 4, 2020

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Sally BohmanApril 16, 2015

Beautiful Michaela, thank you for sharing such deep personal insight. You are helping the work of salvation progress, and with the help of the Lord you will fight on to find the joy and blessings in every day and bring them to the people you serve. You are an inspiration to us all. You are definitely not a quitter! You remain in my heart and prayers.

Steven K. SsenyonjoApril 15, 2015

What a great lesson from Sister Proctor!!!. In mortal life, we relate the condition of our shoes with success which is opposite when serving God. We need to continue serving God irrespective of the poor conditions we may be in. He is ever caring for us. Pres. Hinckely's father told him to "forget himself and go to work". Thanks so much for this inspiring article.

Jean DeGeareApril 14, 2015

What a wonderful effort to do the very best on a mission. There is so much to learn in a mission that is that far away. Sister Proctor is very obviously being very devoted in her mission. May she be blessed to have some success while teaching the Gospel.

alma whitingApril 14, 2015

I would like to send her a new pair of shoes to wear out, I am certain she has the energy for it. This story was depicted with such beauty and clarity, that I viewed the people, shacks, sinks outside of them, walking trails etc. all in my minds eye. I Love Africa and their people, and am thrilled to hear of sisters, such as this great missionary serving there. My husband and I served two missions in Africa.

SusanApril 14, 2015

Thank you for such timely advice. I especially enjoyed the photos of saints or investigators and your village. Thank you for sharing your important work!

janet scottApril 14, 2015

I loved the article It was a wonderful experience to read about the faith of a missionary with people we had previously taught! But the best part was that it lifted my heart for the day! I was having a hard time with just a few minor problems and this article was really inspiring! Thank you! you made my day!

WinkiApril 14, 2015

Thank you for this true story of hope and encouragement !

VelDean FincherApril 14, 2015

What a wonderful article. And, although she is writing from the other side of the world, and she is in totally different situations and she is in a totally different age range than I am, there is wisdom in her words that speak to my own challenges today. I am blessed in reading this.



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