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September 29, 2020

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CopymenschApril 16, 2015

The full Endowment ceremony was available in Solomon's temple. It is also found in the Book of Mormon, but not in one place. If we outline the Plan of Salvation, from the Preexistence to the final judgement, we find references to the Endowment scattered all over the book, the largest pieces in 2 Nephi 2 and Alma 12-13.

PaulaApril 14, 2015

Just a note that "scared" instead of sacred is used regarding why temple ceremonies were not included in the Book of Mormon.

DavidApril 13, 2015

Dear Marlene, perhaps you are forgetting genesis which is in itself a temple theme which is much earlier and the fact we have 4 different accounts given to us if we include the one we recieve in the temple so obviously its important, im guessing there will be temple themes somewhere in Isaiah as well

MarleneApril 13, 2015

Very interesting, but since the Nephites were still under the Law of Moses, and the temple Nephi built was after the manner of the Temple of Solomon, why would anyone expect anything other than the Mosaic temple rites to be performed in Nephi's day until the Coming of Christ to the Nephites, which also signified the fulfillment of the Law of Moses. It's only then, isn't it, that the temple ordinances would change?



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