February 28, 2021

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NathanApril 14, 2015

I admire your courage and insight. It takes courage to tackle the myths and insight to recognize them. I have learned the same as you about Satan's tactics. He truly uses nice sounding sound bites to rattle our faith. Thank you for sharing some of them. I hope you write some more. Maybe you will write a book that will save many LDS from suicide. Of course, the sooner someone does it, the more lives will be saved.

SophiaApril 10, 2015

Thankyou so much for your thoughts me about perspective and the family ideal. Still single at 47, I could not help but feel just a little downhearted after General Conference which put an even greater emphasis on families than usual, and that's saying something. I understand the reasons why, and firmly support the church in this God-given mision. Nevertheless, I needed and found comfort in the reminder that there is one thing of greater importance--our relationship with the Lord. This relationship is available to all who seek it and informs all other relationships in life, so whatever happens, at least I got to have the one relationship that matters more than any other.

I Love Truth!April 9, 2015

I have prayed for many years to "see things as they really are..." - to know the truth.....and the Lord has heard my prayers. But it has been "Line upon line and precept upon precept" through the distance of time and a series of challenges that I would never have anticipated. Years ago, I was disturbed - as others have been - about the parable of the 10 Virgins...and it was so refreshing to learn in my own studies that what separated the Five Prepared Virgins from those without oil, was that they had taken the Holy spirit to be their guide. I thought, "Now that's doable! That makes sense." At least for me, filling my lamp drop by drop with good deeds was disheartening as I compared myself to others. Thank you for teaching some important principles of the gospel in such a succinct and concise manner,

MaureenApril 8, 2015

Really enjoyed conference and your thoughts as well. I especially like your insight into the Oil in the Lamps. It makes so much sense and is scripturally based. Thanks for sharing this treasure. After reading this I came to the conclusion that the Holy Ghost is one of the gifts of the Atonement and is the mechanism of being transformed. There is so much to learn and be can't truly understand unless we are under the influence of the HG, which leads to action or transformation. Thank you.

RoApril 8, 2015

Excellent! Thank you so-o much for sharing your spiritual Progress with us! I finally found the answers ,which I almost gave up searching.

Dustin RigoliApril 8, 2015

Thank you very much for this. I feel it is very useful information.

Renaissance NerdApril 8, 2015

Truly superb! In addition to myths we pick up of the sort you describe, there are also the 'pre-rational beliefs' that we assimilate in childhood without ever knowing the source. They percolate under the surface and come to the fore at the strangest times, and most of the time they've never even been engaged rationally at all. Fortunately the Spirit can conquer those beliefs as well, but they're so hard to identify until the middle of the crisis that they often go unchallenged for decades. Since all action is predicated on underlying beliefs, getting the beliefs right is the quickest way to get the actions right too--and no other guide can teach correct beliefs so well as the Spirit can.

Tom BarrattApril 8, 2015

This is a fine article and I whole heartedly agree that these false traditions plague us. Our personal relationship with God must overwhelm everything else. The Spirit will help us to attain the happiness we are seeking for. There is no other way.

KathyApril 8, 2015

Thank you. I needed this today.

One OpinionApril 8, 2015

Thank you for this! I've been struggling with the phrase in the BofM: if you are faithful, you will prosper in the land. We're sending out our 3rd missionary, have six children at home, and have been in dire financial straights for many years. Our debt is increasing, both my husband and I are underemployed, despite our college degrees (he's making $12/hour, I'm making $9), we have a side business, and we're barely making $40k/year. Repeatedly I think, "Obviously we've screwed up somewhere, because this is NOT prospering." I get into a very deep funk about this, and while I know it's Satan working on me, he's so hard to shake. Articles like this remind me that I need to put him behind me, because our kids are doing great and we have been blessed to squeak by every month. Perspective is just so hard sometimes.

A Happy HubbyApril 8, 2015

Great conference! Great Article! I would add an important one for me. That is that leaders not infallible. I even take it so far as to say in addition to the great many truths that were taught at conference, there may have been some mistakes. God gave me the Holy Ghost and asked me to use it to confirm truth - and if something applies to ME! I almost left the church after learning of our history, but coming to this conclusion I can see leaders in a different light. They are their to help me - they are not THE way. The way is following Christ and his Gospel. I just have to add I am SO grateful for the many men and women leaders of the church and the enormous amount of time, love, and thought they put into leading the church - from the prophet down to the Nursery Singing time leader.

Rex LoweApril 8, 2015

Lovely thoughts. As a male though, I feel guilty that because of my inadvertent lack of constraint in allowing others in my family to sin,(with full knowledge of what they were doing) I am just as guilty as them. I know the Atonement covers me inasmuch that as I have come to the realisation of the extent of my guilt, and sought forgiveness for it, I am forgiven. Nevertheless it still is a great burden on my conscience.



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