February 25, 2021

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FredApril 10, 2015

I would simply have said, "Thank you for your login and password. Is there anything else private you would like to share?"

JanApril 8, 2015

For this very reason I hope cell phone conversations are NEVER allowed on airplane flights. Can you imagine being captive to all those voices?

Janet G.April 8, 2015

For some people there is little hope, I'm afraid. Perhaps after this lady finds her account hacked, she will start thinking, but most likely she will blame it on the person who so conveniently did the hacking of her account that she told them how to access. When she said that cell phone conversations were private, I would have taken the opportunity to inform her in front of everyone "Then you should keep them private." I'm sure that most of the people in the room would have nodded, if not made their own comment to her. Then I would have leaned over and quietly informed her, or written it on a note, that "You just of your own choice gave your privacy and financial security away in making your very personal and private information on how to access your account public knowledge by your loud conversation. You just told everyone here how to get into your account and access your money, didn't you realize that?" something that she obviously never considered. Then, out of concern for her, I would also have informed her quietly, or again in writing,that she needed to immediately change her password, privately, before someone in the room who heard it gets into her account right now and takes all her money, and then made sure she did it. It is up to all of us to join together in protecting our communal privacy and safety from ignorant people like her who could by their ignorance, endanger us all, little by little. We are living in precarious times.



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