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November 27, 2022

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BotMarch 31, 2015

There is one area in which our leaders could be a bit more "political": They could remember in their prayers the Christians in the mid-East who are being persecuted by ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

RichMarch 27, 2015

Politicizing religion is an attempt to pull a layer of wool over the the eyes of the church members by the father of lies. If we allow ourselves to be distracted by politics, we will miss the message and he has won. We need to ignore the distractions of the mocking, derisive pointing fingers of those who live in idealogically spacious buildings. Those who have entered in at the gate have better things to focus on. I, for one will focus on the light of the gospel offered in the conference talks. Let the rest of the world try to figure it out in the dark as they may chose. I invite them to be at peace and just listen without discord.

JimMarch 27, 2015

Very interesting and helpful. I do not doubt for a minute that these things happen. You're counsel is right on. I remember that once there were rude words heard from the balcony of the Tabernacle during Semi-Annual General Conference. It was a sad day for me and many others–a political outburst had been heard during General Conference. Let the Spirit teach us, as we hear the words of those set apart to speak to us! Let those–who feel contrary–show dignity, restraint and courtesy!

Russell SpencerMarch 27, 2015

In your end note, I think you mean "Thomas," not "Timothy."

AnneMarch 27, 2015

I so look forward to the General Women's session and listening to leaders who speak truths about issues I value. I am particularly grateful to have a member of the First Presidency speak directly to all women in the Church. I hope the movement to have only female speakers at this session will not change the tradition.

Cassandra HedeliusMarch 27, 2015

Penny and Robyn, I'm so glad your experience has been so positive! I think the phenomenon I'm describing happens mostly online, so it's easily avoided. I just wanted to reach out to those who do participate in such discussions, and hope it helps a little bit. Thanks for reading!

PennyMarch 27, 2015

I honestly feel i have no idea what you are talking about... I understand your point, but I don't think I have ever in my 24 years in the church seen or heard what you suggest is a common phenomenon. Only ever heard discussion of the spiritual messages and life application. Perhaps the church isn't the same everywhere... (I am in California, by the way)

Robyn PriceMarch 27, 2015

It seems to me that Conference is politicized by those who have been politicized (and see everything through their political lenses), Where I live, there isn't a strong political dialogue regarding the Church except among a very, very few. I'm saddened to hear that this overshadows the messages of Conference. I want others to know that this is not the case at all throughout the country or the world.



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