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February 25, 2024

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Corey D.November 12, 2023

Actually it is a moral issue, spending money you don't have or taking or shifting money from savings accounts meant for different purposes unless it's an emergency is not right. Money/Financial issues is one of the major causes for divorce, it's also from what I have observed in my lifetime a driving factor or root cause for inactivity in the church or worse leaving the church altogether. Not only that this man's habits and feeling of entitlement so often lead to dishonest obtaining of money (as a number of recent news articles have shown). I feel for this poor sister, most likely not going to end well.

MaryannNovember 10, 2023

Whatever the cause, this is an addiction. It is neither normal nor healthy behavior. This woman needs support, since she is not getting any cooperation from her husband, and he refuses to change. Counsel from a Bishop and a referral to LDS Social Services counselling are essential. If he won't go with her, she should go alone to learn how she can protect herself and her children financially, and for emotional support to learn how to deal with this situation. This is NOT disloyal. It is necessary.



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