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February 22, 2024

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SomeOneWhosTryingMarch 17, 2015

It was Brigham Young that said "Never get angry, Never, Never Never." I believe in those words and also President Monson's admonitions about anger. Additionally I will add, in as unoffensive way as I know, that the quote below stretches me with regard to credability. "Didn’t Christ get angry when he cleansed the temple (twice)?” you might ask. Because he chased out the moneychangers, and turned over the tables in the temple, does not necessarily mean he was out of control, that his blood pressure was elevated. “What about Moses who broke the stone tablets on Mt. Sinai?” Breaking the tablets may have been a way to emphasize his point, rather than the result of elevated blood pressure resulting from a loss of control." "I think that Moses and Christ were not "out of control" but to suppose their blood pressure was not elevated, in my opinion, makes them sound psychotic.

John SmithMarch 17, 2015

Thanks! Looking forward to your next column. Nice cliffhanger :)



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