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January 26, 2022

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Dave WhitworthMarch 29, 2015

We have to remember as well that almost all of the Israelites who left Egypt died in the wilderness during those 40 years and didn't make it to the promised land. There was definitely a trying of faith. As we remember those people, we should be grateful He didn't kill us all off on our way out west.

Harold RustMarch 29, 2015

Thanks for an upbeat and enlightening article. Although we as members of the Church are not perfect, my experience has been that by and large we build up rather than tear down others. That is why I take exception to the comments by "A Happy Hubby" who seems to feel that the Church is not being inclusive enough based on the fact that there are those with different views about sexuality who feel separated from the Church. After all, there will always be those who, in not following all the guidance of the Prophet, will find fault in the Church not accepting their own particular views or practices. Let them treat us as kindly and respectfully as we try (and generally do) with them.

JuanMarch 19, 2015

Very well said A HAPPY HUBBY

bfwebsterMarch 16, 2015

I love the Glenn Tinder quote, though I've never seen it before. I said something very similar in one of the latest Interpreter Roundtables (for Gospel Doctrine lessons). It seems to me that it often the humans who think themselves most clever, sophisticated, subtle, wise, etc., who are least like to realize how infinitely more so God is.

jeffMarch 16, 2015

I have seen this is the life of myself and family. Just before a big positive, spiritual event, Satan is there to try to sin us out of the experience, or shame us out, or pain us out.

Diane KunkelMarch 16, 2015

Thank you for another wonderfully insightful article, Wally!

A Happy HubbyMarch 16, 2015

I was eager to read this article, but after doing so I am left a bit empty in it bringing something substantive to the discussion. This goes into 3 items of "What should a saint do". 1 - "jarring, and contentions, and envying, and strife's" are from Satan. I absolutely agree that being contentious of the devil. But just differences of opinions are not all "of the devil". What if someone feels that the darkness is in how certain people or actions are currently viewed? How does this statement help when I have someone in my ward that has an LGBT son and thinks the church should be more accepting than they already are and another older brother in the ward feels like the church has gone astray in how they deal with "gay people"? 2. "man doth not comprehend all things which the Lord can comprehend." Agreed. We are not the Lord nor should we (try to) dictate what the Lord should do. But to me that is very different than not having a discourse about topics. Take a rather benign topic, such as if a mother should be allowed to hold the infant while a child is being blessed by priesthood holders. There are places where this is being allowed and other places where it is being forbidden. Can we not discuss such items? The church has been willing to make changes based on feedback and programs implemented at the grass roots such as the welfare system, Primary, Young Adult program, etc. There are many other topics where people feel real pain. We can either discuss and see how we might make changes for the better, or we can ignore the issue and have people feel rejected as they attempt to worship and many of them leave. 3. "Give heed to the word of Christ, which will point you a straight course to eternal bliss." What if someone really focuses on the word of Christ, then comes to church and feels like what is preached is that strict obedience to church leaders is more of the focus than the words of Christ? I do agree that I see many that are bringing up issues with anger and hate and you get the feeling that they almost want the church to fail. I agree that there is too much of that. To combat that we don't need to take the other side and say, "sit down, don't say anything, and just wait for your needs to be told to you." In fact that will drive many out that might be able to stay in the church longer and get more of a change of heart over time. I feel that polite and respectful conversation is the best course of action. It seems that the coming generation is much less tolerant than baby boomers to just "sit and listen." I don't want the church to lose momentum in bringing souls to Christ. But if we are losing them faster than we can birth or baptism them, then "Houston, we have a problem."

BéatriceMarch 16, 2015

Amen !

LexaGraemeMarch 16, 2015

Thank you.



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