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August 19, 2022

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David HallMarch 11, 2015

Joni - excellent article, as all of yours are, and I totally agree with the sentiment expressed. There are a couple of comments from members of the 12 that are particularly helpful in understanding this incident recorded by Luke: 1. From an article by Elder Oaks in the August 1999 Ensign: Martha's criticism of her sister, not her busyness, occasioned the Lord's rebuke. 2. From Jesus the Christ, p. 433: "There was no reproof of Martha's desire to provide well . . . . Both these women were devoted to Jesus and each expressed herself in her own way." There were several occasions in the Lord's life when he had people coming to him complaining about others (Judas complaining about Mary's use of the costly ointment, this story, someone complaining about the dividing of an inheritance, Peter complaining that John had chosen to stay on the earth) and in each case, Jesus turned aside the complaint. I think the Savior is telling us, with this story, that whatever way you choose to serve, or donate, or do good, the Lord respects that choice and gives you credit for the goodness in your heart that motivated the choice.

FredMarch 8, 2015

Mini M. has it. It was the judgment that got Martha the special interview.

AndreaMarch 5, 2015

PS- It's a rare Home Teacher that I have felt this way about...if there's a bit of clutter and the floor isn't freshly vacuumed it doesn't phase me at all.

AndreaMarch 5, 2015

I think that most of us are Martha-ish out of fear of judgment from other women!! I honestly wish there was a way to avoid that, but how many of us have (in a panic) done the "No-unclean Fling" just before our visiting teachers arrive? I have bagged and thrown so many things in the basement....out of sight of possible judgement that entire episodes of my life are still missing! We are pretty much all afraid of judgement, and of not being good enough Mormons in some way or another.

Mimi M.March 5, 2015

I wonder what role the following plays in the account of Mary and Martha: The Lord did not issue a gentle reminder to Martha of what is of greatest importance, until she complained to Him that Mary was not doing her share.



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