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July 14, 2024

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Mommy2BenDecember 31, 2014

I was your daughter, I am your daughter. There is nothing you can say to change her mind. You can only love her. If I could tell her not to do it, I would. But not for the reasons you have stated. Trust that God, who loves her and is infinitely more concerned for her than you, has her in His tender care and that the lessons she learns will build and mold her so that she might become refined through fires of HER CHOOSING, and be the daughter He needs her to be.

Janet G.December 29, 2014

My first thought to her question, "What do I do?" was - Nothing. Don't do anything, it is not your problem, it is hers. If you HAVE to do something, the only thing would be to say with a smile, something like, "You do understand that the children will need supervision and breakfast in the morning, don't you?" And let it go at that. If she hasn't thought it through by the time of the marrriage, she soon will - or she will soon learn - like the first week! I'm sure the Lord and her Father in Heaven know, and they will take care of her - if she asks - and if not, they will not interfere, and neither should you.



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