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March 20, 2023

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DeloresDecember 10, 2022

For me, the decision is clear. If the influencer begins to criticize the church, or the leaders of it, or to rationalize why they don’t have to follow the prophet’s counsel, I stop following them. There is one particular Youtuber that I initially liked, but over time I have felt his pride get in the way and he has begun to criticize church policies, general conference talks, and prophetic guidance. I’m done following him. There are many better choices of influencers

ShaunaDecember 9, 2022

excellent, insightful article, on so many points. I find that the scripture to not judge, is rarely quoted in its entirety--i.e. the injunction to "judge righteous judgement." We have to judge--actions at least, or as you say, "the fruits" which I like. And the gift of "discernment" is another gift we receive from the Holy Ghost and from living our temple covenants. Thus, surely there is a need for it and we should use it



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