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April 1, 2023

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MaryannDecember 12, 2022

When I am asked to do something I'm not sure I want to do, I find it really helps to say, "I need to call you back this afternoon," or "I'll get back to you about this tomorrow." Then I have time to make a decision without feeling pressured. If it is something I KNOW is not going to work for me, it's better just to say no at the outset, rather than deal with the stress of procrastinating my "no." Also, when people say, "I need to ask you a favor," avoid giving an answer like "sure!" before they tell you what the "favor" is. We are under no obligation to anyone to agree to anything without first knowing what we are committing to.

Kerry FarrDecember 9, 2022

This still confuses me at age 75. Didn’t Christ teach that the needs of others DO come first. And especially the will of God comes before our own will to be righteous??



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