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July 14, 2024

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Neal ChristensenDecember 6, 2022

If faculty will not uphold the ideals and teaching methods of the school, fire them and replace them with someone who will.

ShaunaDecember 6, 2022

Thank you Br. Hancock. as a BYU alumni and the parent of 2 BYU students (currently on missions) I applaud and welcome your assessment and critique of the current academic culture at BYU and especially for your determination to take the prophets and apostles seriously and to start a conversation about what a "Gospel methodology" might look like. Wouldn't that be exciting to see where the Spirit can actually lead professors and students as they study and learn about true "intelligence" which is the glory of God-- and what other ideas, theories etc might be added to the world of thought, as they incorporated the basic tenets of the gospel, including the natural, nuclear family and the resistance to labels other than Child of God, Child of the covenant and disciple of Christ in their research, and teaching? I am passionate about BYU and it's mission and am so grateful for Elder Holland's clarion call back to BYU's unique mission, articulated earlier by President Kimball. I welcome your brave and crucial lead on these issues and look forward to further analysis and suggestions. If BYU cannot be unique and reflect the values and tenets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, in my opinion, it can no longer justify its existence. I pray for the way forward that you suggest



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