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October 3, 2022

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MaryannSeptember 23, 2022

When we focus only on the trial, we will be swallowed up by it. When we continue to recognize the beauty around us and spend more time focusing on our blessings, the scriptures, and the many witnesses in our lives of God's eternal, ever present love, we will have more peace. We can also remember President Hinckley's counsel that things WILL work out. We may be tired of waiting for that to occur, but we can choose to place our faith in our Savior and use that faith to remember that He is with us and will help us get through the hard times. We can humble ourselves and ask others for the help we need, instead of shouldering our burdens alone. We can remove great weights from our bodies and spirits by accepting the fact that we cannot solve the problems of others. As we continue to show love for family members, sometimes we just need to let go of trying to change things and, in faith, let our Heavenly Father take our burdens.



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