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March 20, 2023

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NicholeenDecember 16, 2014

Win, the Rule of Three is the name for three things we do when a child is out of control or defiant. I outline it in detail in my book Parenting a House United. We pre-teach, instruct and then correct three times. After that the child or youth has earned three pre-determined consequences that they have to accept before life returns to normal for them. None of this is a surprise. They know every word I will say when they are out of control before I ever say it. In fact, my children never choose to go out of control due to the Rule of Three. If they have a problem, they just calmly discuss it with me instead. I hope this helps. It sounds like you would really enjoy the book or resources on my site.

Helmut WorleDecember 15, 2014

There is much good in this article, but also much that has clearly not been thought through thoroughly (pardon the alliteration): Reacting violently and with uncontrolled emotions is NOT a recent phenomenon of our times; it has been done for thousands of years, as plentifully recorded in the scriptures. The author seems to have a very romanticized view of how parenting was done "in olden days." It is clear that discipline administered with calm emotion and even sorrow ("this hurts me more than you") has always been an ideal reached only rarely. There are obvious differences in degree of spanking. Current parenting teachings seems to hold that the very act of spanking is by definition an act of uncontrolled emotion, regardless of the degree applied. I disagree. Perhaps the worst method of attempted discipline is the threatening of consequences that both the parent and child know will never be administered. Especially when it comes to very young children, i.e. toddlers, a swift swat on a well-padded behind, or a flick on the grabby fingers that keep reaching for the "no-no" even after repeated verbal admonitions have proven to be most effective in transmitting parental displeasure to a not-yet well-developed young mind and usually stop the undesirable behavior efficiently.

Jen L.December 15, 2014

"The Iron Rod is the word of God. Twill safely guide us through."

Win BroadhurstDecember 15, 2014

So...what is the Rule of Three????



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