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March 28, 2023

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Scot ProctorSeptember 25, 2015

Dear Patricia, We are working on finishing the new electronic version of Elder Talmage's Jesus the Christ and when that is finished, we will go back and produce the Android version of Witness. If I had a huge technical and design staff I would have done both versions to begin with! So, we are looking at a time line within the next year. Thanks for your patience.

Patricia CarrSeptember 25, 2015

When will this app come out in android format? I have been waiting for months for some word about it.

Sara JSeptember 23, 2015

How close are you to making this available for the Android! I know you are working on it. I have the DVD and love it, but would truly love to have this on my kindle and phone. Scott and Maureen, you both do such excellent work, with great love for the work you do! I thank you for ever trying to reach out to the world with an opportunity to see the beauty of the Gospel restoration! Thank you ever so much.

Carolyn PinnockAugust 28, 2015

I bought this app, but don't know how to download it on my I Pad, as I can't see that it's on it. I have an Air 3 I Pad. I don't want to have to pay for it a second time. HELP!!! Thanks!!!

Mary Lou BurgoyneJuly 28, 2015

How wonderful this is! Please Please Please make this available for Android users! This is a marvelous tool. Thank you for creating it!

Beverly TraskJuly 20, 2015

I haven't, as yet, seen a answer to the above questions. I too, use an Android and would love to have the app.

Arlen CrosbyJuly 20, 2015

I just want to comment that this is well and good for those who have an ipod but what about us who are still using Laptops or Desktop computers. Were are we in this great plan?

Thomas FamilyJuly 10, 2015

Our entire family uses Android. Please advise when the app is available for everyone and not the select few. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing this!

Grandpa ChetJune 15, 2015

Let us know when this is available for the Android. There are approximately 10 times as many Android users as iPhone users.

Sheryl StanleyJune 15, 2015

Any chance this app could be made available for Kindle?

Kathy WalkerApril 17, 2015

This would be even better if you turned it into a story map or a story map journal (it is free on ESRI's free ArcGIS Online Account) Why aren't we doing this????

Vern HarrisApril 11, 2015

Is it possible to somehow acquire the beautiful pictures you show on your site so they can be viewed on a normal computer? For us that cannot afford an expensive IPhone or similar device, this would be a great way for the rest of us to also partake of the beautiful pictures. What do you say?

Richard RappApril 7, 2015

Why is it that Android is always left out of the new programs.....Are not we as important and those with Ipads?

BruceFebruary 26, 2015

I assumed that if this app worked on the ipad it would work for my MacBook. Not so. It will not launch.

Nancy LundquistFebruary 11, 2015

I requested many months ago you re-issue the DVD, I know there were problems when first issued, but as nice as apps are, DVDs make for shared viewing on large screens & gift giving. You still need to re-issue the DVD. Thanks

Jennifer DodsonDecember 12, 2014

Would love to see this for Android, not everyone has an iPad!

Larry RichmanDecember 11, 2014

I just downloaded this app and love it. In addition to the gorgeous photography of places from the Restoration, I love the summaries and text about each place and the events that took place there. If you want to learn more than the brief summary that appears below a photo, swipe up to read more of the story. You can interact with every page in interesting ways. I’m showing the app to my coworkers to see how we could make Church learning materials more like this. See my review of the app at

Sharon JDecember 10, 2014

Are you going to make this available for android?



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