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July 15, 2020

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SueDecember 13, 2014

Mariah, Enjoy your time. I attended the other elite university over there for three years. Oxford and Cambridge people do not mention "the other" university out of rivelry. Studying and living there is so very different. Hope you connect with other LDS to help keep your balance. I experienced a great deal of anti-Mormonism even in my department. Mostly ignorance.... from some of the most well read scholars in the world who won't even bother to learn the basic acts about Mormonism. Just focus on your education and learn all those social graces like which fork or spoon is used for which dinner course. Yes, you may return with an accent and have Americans ask where you come from. LOL All the best.

JessicaDecember 10, 2014

I loved this article and taste of the British culture I grew to love during a brief 2-month visit. I'm also a bit jealous of your experience! :)

EdDecember 10, 2014

Having been surrounded by Europeans for long periods of time who are not LDS, it can be a thing of curiosity. Luckily for me there were some Europeans who were strong members of the faith as well. The whole interchange can be refreshing and strengthening. May you continue to be blessed by this.

Keith DonovanDecember 10, 2014

So, does this make you an oxymormon?

Catherine MortensenDecember 9, 2014

Nice article, Mariah! I was at St. Catherine's College, Oxford for Michaelmas term in 1988. Your article reminded me so much of my short time there. I absolutely loved it!! I grew to love Perrier while in Oxford, because the main social activity was going to pubs, and I had to drink something! I attended a small branch on the outskirts of town that had a lot of US families from the nearby military base. Not sure where you all meet now. GOOD LUCK!!

Steve SwarthoutDecember 8, 2014

Good article. Well written and entertaining.

JillDecember 8, 2014

Mariah, Thank you for your article. In 1989 the International Assn of Music libraries held a conference at Oxford University and I gave a paper there - I could hardly believe that I was there doing that! I fell in love with the buildings but didn't know until later when doing family history that some of my direct line ancestors were architects and stonemasons for those wonderful buildings - the Townesend family. I look forward to reading more of your experiences there.

PatDecember 8, 2014

I enjoyed your article! Not having been any place British (does Canada count?) but having a husband that served a mission in England, I appreciated your view of the culture and your humor in describing said culture. Looking forward to reading more from you.

mary janeDecember 8, 2014

Mariah, You have talent and write well. In 1987 I attended the Mormon History Association conference which was headquartered at Oxford. It was a good experience, which your story reawakens. It was there I met your mother, possibly before the Meridian period. Thank you for taking us on a tour of Oxford.



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