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August 12, 2022

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Rob BarnettJune 25, 2022

More covid deaths for 5 and under than flu deaths, even if compared to really bad flu years.

RobJune 24, 2022

More covid deaths 0-5 than flu deaths, even compared to worst flu years

M SmithJune 22, 2022

Thank you, Meridian, for publishing this article. We need to be able to hear both sides and make our own decisions.

JSJune 22, 2022

Now it’s time we apply that same logic to all of the childhood vaccines- especially the dozens added in the last 30 years. Is what we’ve been told by the FDA and CDC similarly skewed data and information regarding other childhood diseases? I don’t think that blindly trusting the three letter government organizations regarding our health and well-being is a wise choice & more digging into the recommendations is definitely worth the time and energy spent finding truthful answers.

David Watson,DDSJune 22, 2022

Vaccines are not and never have been 100%. They are an adjunct to medical help. People should be free to decide for themselves how they want to protect themselves. I agree we are trusting too many people and agencies to make our decisions for them.

Bob MartinJune 22, 2022

Australia regularly immunizes {vacinates} young children,ie infants for all manner of diseases including hooping cough, measles, polio etc. I am surprised if other countries do not do this.



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