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June 1, 2023

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NicholeenNovember 12, 2014

Thank you for adding the correct understanding of Eve's decision in the garden. My viewpoint of Eve's choice is the same as yours. I was fully aware of the full impact of her decision and her dedication to follow ALL of God's commandments. I was just trying to keep it simple here to illustrate that from the Garden of Eden and before we were choosing who to follow and being agents for our choice too. I tried to keep it less wordy on purpose, but you have added the additional depth necessary for anyone wondering. Thank you! I wanted to try to stick to the one topic of the article. The importance of Eve is and her choice is a whole other article. :)

joyceNovember 6, 2014

I enjoyed this article. However, I just wanted to comment on the part about Adam and Eve. Although Eve was "beguiled" by Satan, she was also following God's command to them to multiply and replenish the earth. I had a problem with the wording in your article about Eve following Satan when she decided to take the fruit and then getting Adam to follow the same temptation. Adam hadn't been beguiled. He was following the first commandment God gave--not to take of the fruit. Eve saw the bigger picture as it were, knowing she had to partake of the fruit in order for God's plan to go forth. Adam saw that Eve was right so he also partook, not because of Satan's temptation, but because he knew it was also God's commandment. If they hadn't partaken of the fruit God's plan would have been frustrated, or at the very least, He would have had someone else instead of Adam and Eve. I'm no authority on the subject. It's just that my husband and I have had the privilege of representing our First Parents as workers in the SL Temple. I feel we have gained a lot of understanding. There's still a lot to learn! Thanks

OrvaNovember 6, 2014

Loved your perspective in this article. I wonder however if your comments on Eve in the Garden were a little too simplistic. Yes on the surface Eve chose to follow Satan's temptation. She (and Adam too) were also making a choice God had given them between two conflicting commandments. Adam and Eve could not multiply and replenish the earth and simultaneously remain in the Garden of Eden. Our modern prophets have described Eve's choice as righteous and courageous. In our lives when we choose to follow Satan it is never in righteousness or courage. Adam and Eve's choice to leave the Garden of Eden parallels our choice to leave the Father's presence and come to earth. We knew we would be tempted and sin in mortality but we came anyway. Eve's choice was to put herself in a position to be tempted by Satan. Both her decision to leave Eden and ours to leave the Father's presence were necessary in the cause of spiritual and eternal progress. Thank God for Christ's atonement!-- Orva



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