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April 1, 2023

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Allison BinghamMay 27, 2022

Yep. It is very important to follow the latest power grab by WHO which a small unelected body is amending the 2005 treaty and pushing perhaps the greatest power grab yet. These International Health Regulation Amendments dissolve our national sovereignty, our US Constitution and is positioned to over ride state and county governance. 1) 2)

Joe BrightMay 27, 2022

"Centralized Planning", in short, centralization of authority, authoritarianism and collectivism are the most dangerous of ideolgies the world has come to know. This mindset is responsible for the greatest death tolls in that history. It is mutually exclusive with "capitalism", or true free market economies, and with liberty and life itself. Why does man repeatedly return to, appeal to, and embrace, concepts of "supreme authoriy" to solve his problems? Is it an easier solution than taking accountability himself? Does the temptation to relinquish accountability, individual volition, agency, for a "guaranteed outcome" ring familiar? Liberty is essential to the eternal progress of man. There is no compromise to liberty that is not tyranny. And all tyranny must be met with resistance.



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