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May 15, 2022

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RenaOctober 18, 2014

Powerful concept! "Who would you be without fear?" will forever be etched on my mind when I face potentially paralyzing tasks. Thank you for your wisdom and inspired words!

Kris September 26, 2014

Wonderful insight to exercise more faith so fear won't paralyze us.

Carol ClarkSeptember 22, 2014

The article was very insightful. I tend to worry and be afraid. I have not let it stop me but it would be nicer to feel the peace and calm that comes from the godhead. I am going to apply the boxes in my thought process. I look forward to my growth and succes in combatting fear. Thank you for sharing the article.

Melanie AlfredSeptember 21, 2014

Thanks for this. I have been pondering this very question in the last couple of weeks. Most of my life is lived outside my comfort zone as I struggle daily with anxiety. I am ready to move to the next level - and impatient to do so. Thanks for the leg up.

Diane H.September 21, 2014

Thank you Anne for sending this to me. I loved your beautiful writing style and your message of helping us to deal with fear. I can use this as I help the missionaries at the MTC learn to deal with their fears. You are a dear friend!

Laura BSeptember 19, 2014

Anne,my dear friend...I have for some time been telling myself to "take no counsel from my fears", and find you to be an excellent example in that regard. Thanks for all you have taught us.

BertSeptember 18, 2014

This article gave me tools to use when I battle fear. Just today I needed those tools. It REALLY helped. Thanks!

DianeSeptember 18, 2014

Excellent article! This is a universal problem. Thank you, Anne!

CathySeptember 18, 2014

Beautifully written article that shows what we can do when we do choose faith over fear. Truly, we have the power to do all things when we choose the Lord and his helping hand.

AnnaleeSeptember 18, 2014

Thanks, Anne, for this article. It is so touching as you went through that experience step-by-step. It will be helpful to many of us.

John H from Mesa AZSeptember 18, 2014

Wonderful article. A great example of what to do when frozen by fear!

WendySeptember 18, 2014

I loved this article. It is empowering to realize that by removing the "fear Factor" we can have greater peace, and more confidence. Thank- you for sharing you experience, and publishing your thoughts!

ElizabethSeptember 18, 2014

I am emboldened, I feel strengthened. The next time I feel fear, I will remember this article. Thank you for enlightening me.

JanSeptember 18, 2014

This article is what I needed at this time. I could feel fear leaving as I read. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. Heavenly Father answered my prayers through this article.

Sarah HinzeSeptember 18, 2014

Anne. I loved reading this article and I thought about the time I was in your lovely home in El Paso. Our time together was very brief but I think of you with great fondness. By the way, you are a wonderful writer--keep it up!



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