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February 25, 2024

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BCOctober 18, 2014

So what happens when the supplement companies are shut-down, contaminated, or otherwise unavailable? How do the supplement companies make B12? It was man's interference in food that got our people into this in the first place, wouldn't we be wise to go back to the way God originally set it up when Cain and Abel were raising sheep and growing grain? Pay attention to your body. In my family we can tell when cold weather is coming our bodies get ravenous that no amount vegetables, nuts, or beans satisfy then we know it is time to eat some meat. Otherwise we are satisfied with our whole foods.

Jane BirchSeptember 17, 2014

Hi Sharee: Yes I certainly read all the comments, and I appreciate every single one of them! I also respond if I have something to add, but Meridian does not necessarily post the comments very quickly, so it is difficult to interact with readers here. You can always contact me on my website. I

Janet G.September 16, 2014

I have noticed that when members get a food order from the Bishop's storehouse they almost always stock up on lots of meat and fewer fruits and vegetables. It seems to me, with the counsel from the Lord that "it is pleasing unto me that they (animals) are "to be used sparingly....and - note this - it is pleasing unto me that they (animals) should not be used - only in times of winter, or of cold, or famine," that we all should be more invested in learning how to fix vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains in so many delilcious ways in our family's meals instead of mainly on meats, which meat-based diet is now beginnig to be called the "SAD, or Standard American Diet, because of the resuting poor health so common now.. There would be fewer meat-caused diseases if that were the case, and thus fewer people of poor health needing help from the storehouse. I have read the results from studies about the high rates of cancer in the U.S. population; the high consumption of animal proteins in the American diet is the main cause. Peoples of countries that eat a plant-based diet have little or no cancer in their population. We need to take more heed to the Lord's words. In view of the prophecies of plagues coming upon the world in the last days, we need to pay particular attention to the last verse regarding our health in the last days: "and I, the Lord, give unto you a promise, that the destroying angel shall pass by them, as the children of Israel, and not slay them." Amen.

ShareeSeptember 16, 2014

Jane, I wonder if you read the comments people make to your articles. I hope you will read this one and respond to it. I was dong some research last week on vitamin B-12, a vitamin essential to building up the red blood cells in our bodies and also to our DNA. This vitamin is NOT found in plant materials, only in animal products. So, if we are to eat no meat, how ae we to get this essential vitamin?

Esther LeightonSeptember 16, 2014

I have wondered why the word of wisdom is not more definitive, as we must account for obedience to this principle to attend the temple. I also find it alarming how church activities are so focused on food, namely meats and desserts. I personnally enjoy greater feelings for health and wellness when I eat no animal products and eat whole foods in their natural state.



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