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March 27, 2023

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Mike H.September 21, 2014

Funny that the Nephites didn't cut down trees in the land northward in Helaman 3:9 for fuel, but saved them for building. They didn't get fatalistic about it. I also find it interesting that the energy companies that are big on denying climate change also have poor safety records. Basic things, like replacing broken gauges & senors at a refinery, fixing pipelines with duct tape (for the long term!), skipping pipeline maintenance, etc.

Melanie AlfredSeptember 21, 2014

Thanks for this thoughtful article. I have done a lot of research on this topic and came to the same conclusion having originally believed the global warming theory. If my sources are to believed the climate warming idea came as a result of Margaret Thatcher wanting to reduce the coal mining union's grip on Great Britain by making nuclear power more attractive. They made coal unattractive to the public by promoting global warming through carbon emissions even though a conference of climatologists at the time had data that sunspots basically drove the climate. Of course we need to clean up the earth and stop pollutions - no argument there. Thanks for all this.

Kerry ThompsonSeptember 21, 2014

Thanks for being an alternate voice to the loud, incessant, and factually incorrect message we hear from the popular media. For example, what Dr. Tyson says about the role of carbon dioxide is categorically wrong. Every schoolboy should know that 95% of the earth's greenhouse effect is provided by water vapor, not by CO2. If there were no CO2, there would be no life on earth, but it wouldn't be because of the temperature.

Ron Millett (author)September 20, 2014

Theodore Brandley makes an excellent point concerning the times when the Lord allows Satan to bring about some calamities, which "the destroyer" evidently does with glee. The cursing of the waters is one example evidently mainly the result of wickedness. Another example is Job's trials which came as a test of a righteous man. Others, such as the famine in Egypt, do not mention any involvement by Satan. --RM

Joseph MSeptember 19, 2014

On this topic every one ought to read the page on environmental Stewardship the Church recently put together over at the Mormon newsroom. "All humankind are stewards over the earth and should gratefully use what God has given, avoid wasting life and resources and use the bounty of the earth to care for the poor and the needy." I think it's foolish to assume that our Father will not permit us to suffer the consequences of our sins against the Earth the same way we suffer the consequences of our other sins.

Jim HSeptember 17, 2014

Interesting. The scriptures tell us the great sin of our day will be that we are obsessed with money and materialism (Mormon 8:34-37). When climate scientists say we are causing calamities by ignoring our stewardship of the world we've been given in favor of profits and material wealth, why is it so hard to see that the scriptures and the scientists are saying the same thing?

jiimSeptember 17, 2014

Right on!!!!I love and agree with all that was said. You know how people are though, I fear you will be miss quoted. Don't let it bother you. Let the truth stand tall. Thank you for your courage to search these truths out and organize them into an understandable format. I' sure there was much time, prayer and effort that went into it.=)

Ron VotteroSeptember 15, 2014

This article is very interesting when compared to all the pictures and charts noted in the text. Is there any way I can print this article with pictures and charts? Please let me know how I can print the full article as shown? Thanks

Theodore BrandleySeptember 15, 2014

Excellent and well researched article (with the possible exception of the questionable legitimacy of the Jasher quotes). The Lord, the Creator, created the earth, and he controls it along with its climate. However, sometimes because of the wickedness of man, for whom the earth was created, the Lord releases that control, and allows Satan, the Destroyer, to take control.

Bruce RichterSeptember 15, 2014

Finally, someone that has combined good science with the scriptures and teachings of the prophets to give us a good understanding of some of the happenings around us. Great article.

Nanacoool September 15, 2014

Brother Millett, thank you so much for contributing your facts and lds perspective on a topic we hear so much about. I feel angry now that this has turned into a political football and the end result must now be a political victory, not necessarily connected with reason or scientific theory and most assuredly connected with more legislation, expanded government and restricted liberties. This issue does instill an unsettling if not real fear in those who just read headlines. It's another way the adversary distracts us from our true purpose on earth--to work towards our own eternal salvation and shepherd our families and friends. Fear and faith in God are mutually exclusive. Thank you again for imparting your knowledge of the facts regarding climate on earth and the record of God's hand in climate change to preserve, protect and guide his people.

AlexSeptember 15, 2014

Man has no control over the climate. Over pollution, yes, but not over the climate. CO2, in the amounts that humans contribute, is minimal and God created the perfect balancing system to handle it (CO2 and warming), its called the ocean. If it gets too warm, the ice caps melt, fresh water cools down the salt water oceans and we reverse the warming trend. Same idea with heat/cold sinks the pioneers used to keep their food from spoiling in their food cellars. I am shocked that the pseudo science of global warming is still being preached when month after month new information is revealed about how scientists have distorted (or outright lied) about the crisis of global warming. Australia just this last month released data showing that they "homogonized" (that is adjusted) all the historic temperature readings to show a warming trend. Raw data shows a cooling trend. They said that the data had to be adjusted because they couldn't believe the historic numbers as being too high. (According the them, the scientists taking the temperature obviously did it wrong and took the temperature in the full sun instead of the shade, as it required today.) Official numbers have shown that there hasn't been any warming for almost 18 years now, but they are calling it a pause. Yesterday, arctic ice levels just broke another all size record. Yeah certain areas like California are seeing the warming issues, but they do live in a desert. Some forget that the ice ages didn't necessarily mean the entire planet was covered in ice - there were still temperate and dry areas as well.



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