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January 18, 2022

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Larry HolmesAugust 11, 2014

In my small companies (where I was CDO with 50-100 employees over about 15 years) I learned that I was being "watched" and "copied" virtually every minute! I became convinced that I should fill my role as "CEO" almost exactly like I filled my role at home as "Father" of my 5 children, because they would copy or mimic my actions, words, attitudes, and so on, almost all the time. I would catch myself scolding my "children" for bad behavior or bad decisions, only to have them let me know that I taught that action to them! Once.I began watching my words and actions, just as is shown in this article, my employees began improving in many areas. It was not earth-shaking, but it was very visible. Over time. I was you g and inexperienced, as well as not formally trained as a manager/leader, but this o email thing saved me. Many small garage / cottage shops were springing up back then, mostly built by engineers and "hackers" who lo:ed computers. Much as those building apps for its and Android these days, and they (WE!!) Were in dire need of advice such as this - thanks for this advice and more, for today's "CEOs".



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