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Millions Sold - Why? Because It's Made Easier

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February 8, 2023

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RozyMay 4, 2022

Is there any other way to buy your book? I refuse to purchase through Amazon, but would like to have a copy.

BillMay 3, 2022

Interesting article if your a middle aged divorcee. What have you got for a widowed senior citizen?

Grant NicholasMay 3, 2022

I have noticed, particularly with widows and widowers, that if the wife dies first, it's tougher on the man. He is in a sense a loner except for his partner. If the man dies first the wife quickly grasps onto her network of friends. They all sit together at church

Ronald BarnesMay 3, 2022

Almost your entire article was about being single after divorce. That is not my case. I am 67 years old and have been married for 45 years. Within a few years I will also be single again; not because of divorce, but because my wife is dying of a terminal disease. I went from high school to the mission field to marriage two months later. I have never lived alone either and I do not look forward to it. While I can relate to some of the things you mentioned, many others I can’t. Maybe you, or another contributor, will someday post an article addressing us (or in my case, future) old widows/widowers.



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