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You're invited to a true Bucket List adventure with the Proctors

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May 18, 2022

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Sarah HinzeMay 3, 2022

Our ticket app is working now at

DarrelApril 30, 2022

Will it be made into a DVD to buy?

Susan GraceApril 29, 2022

how and where can Californians see this movie?

Susan GraceApril 29, 2022

Oh this sounds like a wonderful movie. I have several people who would benefit from seeing it and a grandson that needs to see it. But we live in California. How to see it?

DWBApril 29, 2022

Ticket purchase app doesn’t work properly

Erika PechacekApril 29, 2022

I know that these experiences are real. When I had a deadly form of cancer, I experienced my arrival in the Spirit World. A large number of people, all dressed in white, were dancing and celebrating my arrival. One lady came up to me and said "finally, finally you are here to teach us. We have been waiting so long already". Then my grandfather came and said "Not so fast, you know that we have to have permission first". With that he took me somewhere and then talked to someone, came back and said "sorry, but it is not your time yet. You have to go back to earth to do some important work".With that I recognized my environment again and lived (now 5 years) after that experience.

Rebecca WardApril 29, 2022

For those of us not on Utah, any plans to put this out on DVD?

PattiApril 29, 2022

I have some of your books and love the stories. I wish I lived in Utah to be able to see this movie. When will it play elsewhere or pay online for viewing?

Bette R HarpApril 29, 2022

When can I buy this? I'm nowhere near Utah. Please, my family needs to see it!

HalApril 29, 2022

I loved this article, especially the story about little Alan. Many years ago my friend told me a similar story about his adopted son. Once when they were having a family home evening lesson on temples, my friend showed a photo of the celestial room in the Salt Lake Temple. He asked his then 5-year-old son if he knew what the picture was. His son answered, "Yes, that's where you and mom got married." My friend was startled because neither he nor his wife had ever had this discussion with their young son before. My friend said, "That's right! How did you know that?" His son pointed to a window in the picture and said, "Because I was standing right there and watched you." I have had similar experiences with my own children. I have no doubt that we have memories of our heavenly home buried deep in our souls.



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