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August 18, 2022

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Kathleen N JonesApril 19, 2022

I know for sure we have a Heavenly Mother, my second daughter when only almost 4 years old, asked me a question as to why I didn't do a certain thing, "like my other mother." When I replied I was her mother, she corrected me saying "No, my mother in heaven she use to . . . . all the time." I have left out what it was she did in respect of such holy things. That daughter is now 48 years old.

Jim TerryApril 16, 2022

To me the real question is “our there Heavenly Mothers.” If a man can be sealed to multiple wives on earth, it would make sense that God would also have multiple wives and that our spirits didn’t all come from the same mother. Just a thought.

Beth TeeplesApril 15, 2022

I accept! Thank you so much.

Carlos RoundyApril 14, 2022

The perfect model of Heavenly Mother is Mother Eve, the mother of all living. Joseph Smith always referred to Eve as glorious Eve. He saw Adam and Eve in vision. He said Adam was a perfect man and Eve was a glorious woman.



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