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October 6, 2022

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Boanerge RubalcavaApril 13, 2022

I do not want to write of the electrical cars, that for sure will be good for all of us, as well as many other things, but believe me we can go to those things with the help of the fossil fuels, and we will NEVER accomplish anything in that sense if we insist in the idiocy of blaming the CO2 (fossil fuels) and banning their use. Please, stop for a moment, read, think, ponder and act accordingly without IGNORANCE AND WITHOUT FEAR. Blame if you want of being a little bit malicious if I tell you: if you want to stop the global warming, just TURN THE SUN OFF. ADDENDUM What follows are examples to show the absurdity of putting the blame in the CO2 For 128 years the temperatures in different cities of the world have been measured; these are the data for three od those cities: New York, Albany and West Point. In New York in those 128 years the temperature increased in 5 degrees Fahrenheit In Albany NY, the temperature decreased in 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit In West Point the temperature DID NOT change. Albany is 140 miles from New York, West Point is in the middle. If it is a global warming, and the CO2 is in the atmosphere equally distributed, how come New York increased its warming, Albany decreased it and West Point did not change? A football court is made of 100 yards. Think about the gases’ concentrations in the atmosphere (the football court). With just the Nitrogen and Oxygen we would reach the 99 yard, leaving the last yard mainly for Argon (O.8 yard) and the rest of the gases among them CO2, only in the painted line. Actually, the CO2 would be just 3/8 of an inch, and its increase in more than 60 years, 1/8 of an inch.



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