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August 20, 2022

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MaryannApril 5, 2022

While it is interesting to consider what our Savior may have looked like on earth, or what he looks like today, the most important factor to me is that he was literally and physically Heavenly Father's Son. Because of this, we really don't know what he looked like. I take comments that he was not attractive with a grain of salt. Beliefs about what is or is not beautiful are subjective, and opinions on beauty change drastically throughout different periods of history and cultures. I appreciate Mariah's comments that she is not trying to convince us of anything, simply giving us some things to think about. I absolutely believe that when we see the Savior we will see that he looks very much like his Father. He will be gloriously beautiful in every sense of the word.

Howard HillApril 3, 2022

There are accounts written by Pontius Pilate and others who describe Him as having golden hair and blue eyes. The descriptions can be easily found using an inter net search.

DBNormanApril 3, 2022

Just as Bob Martin related, we indeed need to keep in mind that Jesus said, if you have seen me you have seen the Father. Jesus’s father was not Joseph, so Jesus would have some characteristics inherited from Mary, but equally from God the father, So unless God the father was Jewish, Jesus would indeed be unique among other men of his time, and maybe even have red hair.

DBNApril 3, 2022

Just as Bob Martin related, we indeed need to keep in mind that Jesus said, if you have seen me you have seen the Father. Jesus’s father was not Joseph, so Jesus would have some characteristics inherited from Mary, but equally from God the father, So unless God the father was Jewish, Jesus would indeed be unique among other men of his time, and maybe even have red hair.

Carol NApril 2, 2022

The painting of Jesus that speaks to me, is "Prince of Peace" by, Akiane. The first time I saw it, I felt like he was looking into my soul... and it feels that way every time.

Pam PurnellApril 1, 2022

The Historian Josephus gives an account of what the Savior looked like. I am surprised that you did not reference his account.

AnnaApril 1, 2022

Jesus dressed and was groomed like a Roman of the day. Everyone in the Roman empire adopted the Roman look, from the English Isles to Africa, meaning short hair, roman toga and the sandals, along with that roman robe without seam( meaning a circular robe) the roman soldiers at the crucifixion scene were gambling over. These circular robes could hide a dagger, like the one Peter suddenly pulled out to cut off an ear. There have been 1st century christian churches unearthed in northern Africa whose frescoes consistently depict Jesus as a dark haired baby faced very fair skinned man who is slight and somewhat short statured. If this depiction is ball park accurate it would an an HORRIFIC dimension to the pains he endured in Gethsemane and the cross, and could explain why he couldn't carry the cross and had to be nailed to it in the wrist as well as the hand for fear the hand would tear through.

Paul HApril 1, 2022

Pardon another comment, but Jesus wouldn't look like a 1st Century Jewish Peasant. His father was not Joseph. Trying to convince others that he should look like Jewish peasants is false doctrine---He was the "only begotten of the Father" and looked so much like him that He stated that whoever had seen him had seen the Father also. It was like Seth and Adam. I've known fathers and sons that looked identical except for their age difference. Art is speculative at best and in this case, likely far from being accurate. Every painting has Him with bare feet or sandals, too, and clothing wrapped around Him like a bed sheet. They had shoes back in Old Testament times and John the Baptists talks about loosing the latchet of the shoes on His feet.

Mariah (author)April 1, 2022

@Marlund, that is a good point about them being transplants in Nazareth. As far as I know though, Mary was born in Nazareth and they returned to Bethlehem because Joseph's family was from there, not necessarily Mary's. (I might be mistaken on that). The two places are only 19 miles apart so it's interesting to wonder how much contrast or distinction that would create in the development of physical characteristics.

RozyApril 1, 2022

Of course Jesus would look different after resurrection with a perfected body! Except for being way too old, I like the look and manner of the Jesus in The Chosen. We do tend to forget that He was a young man, much like we forget that Joseph Smith was also a very young man.

Paul HApril 1, 2022

Brother Coltrin's comments indicate if he "looked like His Father" as the New Testament says, he would have blue eyes. Only one artist has ever depicted Him thusly and it was in a painting in a Church magazine. Based upon that, the popular paintings of Him used throughout the Church are less than accurate, not to mention all those used by others with halo's etc surrounding His person. If you really want to know get the information from the Prophets and Apostles who have seen Him; no one ever seems to want to check with them. They are "eyewitnesses of His majesty." The last point, is that it doesn't really matter exactly what He looks like for us to embrace His gospel and follow His commandments.

Ted CrowtherApril 1, 2022

I think the reason Joseph Smith described Jesus as with fiery eyes and white hair is: Have you ever taken a picture of a face with the sun shining into the camera. the whole picture is changed like a white out. Everything is so bright that the face has white hair and fiery eyes. You can not tell the color of His eyes and his hair is white as the light is so blinding. The Savior always appears in brightness like that.

Marlund HaleApril 1, 2022

To me it seems odd that we would compare Jesus to a Galilean when Joseph and Mary had to return to Bethlehem in Judea (area of their birth and ancestry?) to pay their Roman taxes and where Jesus was born. He would certainly have been influenced by speech and mannerisms in the area he grew up in, but his physical appearance would seen to have been determined more by his parentage, including being the son of a celestial father.

Claudia Henderson SmithApril 1, 2022

Mariah, I loved your article. I had read that Jesus wasn't "comely," but I think the sheherd/actor in your Dad's picture is! So, I hope Jesus does look like him. Of course, not everyone is beautiful on the outside. It's what's on the inside that counts, right?

DBNApril 1, 2022

I was told a story about Elder Spencer W Kimball staying with a family as he was assigned to conduct a stake conference. While in that home a young girl with red hair climbed up on his lap. She asked him "Have you seen Jesus?" He answered "Yes I have." She asked "What does he look like?" He answered, "He has hair a lot like yours." This of course was shared many times before it was told to me. Perhaps someone who reads this knows first hand. I have four children with red hair and like to think of Jesus with reddish hair but I suppose it goes against what this article implicates. Perhaps Elder Kimball was referring to her curls and not the color. Were their any people of that time and place that had reddish hair?

Robert StarlingApril 1, 2022

As you say, we don't have to know what our Savior looked like physically in mortality to recognize him when he comes in glory. But the question does present a challenge for artists and filmmakers. I like the person cast as Jesus in "The Chosen", because he is probably the closest anyone has come to portraying him as he was then. When I was doing research on the screenplay for the film "In Search of Historic Jesus", I studied the Shroud of Turin, which many believe shows the image of the face of Christ, singed into the surface fibers of the linen cloth that covered his body, by a brief flash of light or energy that may have accompanied the resurrection. That process is known as "flash photolysis". According to forensic scientists, the image on the shroud portrays the face of a Sephardic Jew who was about 5'11", weighing about 175 lbs. There are marks on the face consistent with being beaten and wearing a crown of thorns. Some of the specific marks are included in artistic representations going back to the 6th century AD as seen in many Byzantine paintings. This may be faith-affirming to some, if the singeing effect that put the image on the cloth was indeed caused by some sort of burst of light or energy, since that sort of thing does not normally happen to a dead body.

Boanerges RubalcavaApril 1, 2022

I believe that the Jesus or any other person saw in these latter days, is different than the one when he was on earth in Palestine, since the former was a resurrected being.

Bob MartinApril 1, 2022

I am now 77 years old and I distinctly remember being called into my 3 year old's bedroom, Daddy,she said solemnly, Jesus came to see me last night and He sat on my bed and talked to me.Thinking that she had a dream I said. Emily, that is wonderful. What did Jesus look like? I expected a description not unlike those in Primary but she astounded me with her reply. Daddy, He looks like His Father. I was lost for words. Out of the mouths of babes.



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