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May 22, 2024

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LewisMarch 15, 2022

I find your example of love and openness more than inspiring. I think of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, where the pastor took Jean Valjean into his home, and showed incredible love and compassion even after the theft of his silver. Yes, there are risks with bringing people into your home. Yes, some people will take advantage of you. Yes, there will be experiences that will not be positive. But yes, yes and yes again, we are commanded to love, not judge. The Savior opened his arms to all, even those that reviled, abused and crucified him. We don't all have to bring strangers into our home. I don't think that is the point of your story. But I think the lesson you are teaching is that we all can do something to live the law of the fast as Isaiah has explained it so beautifully by reaching out to help our brothers and sisters here on the earth. I am so grateful for your gift of telling compelling stories that can bring us closer to Heavenly Father.

KCMarch 14, 2022

If statistics hold true, at least 10% or more of those holding signs up offering a place to stay were human traffickers who prey upon refugees. I wish there were a way to keep tabs on those who accept the kindness of strangers. Some way to vouch for the host and track the guest. If someone could come up with a solution like that, it not only would be a deterrent for traffickers but help keep refugees on their toes, out of harms way, or provide an avenue of rescue from bad situations. Unfortunately the fog of war makes that difficult but if even one life were saved from that horror, it would be worth it. Maybe those who haven't found their niche in the humanitarian realm might be "watchers", angels on earth taking notes and checking in.

JuliannMarch 14, 2022

My husband and I took in a woman and her four children, who had been living in their Suburban, when my husband managed a Bishops Storehouse. We arranged missionary lessons, found her an apartment and the Stake members furnished the apartment, paid her utilities and found her employment. She lied, stole, was kicked out of the apartment and within a short time was back living in the Suburban. Her son beat up my daughter and the mother taught my 10 year old daughter to smoke. We learned to follow Gods plan for taking care of the poor and needy. Not venturing out on our own. Over the years we did, through a government program, open our home to 10 youth addicts and unwed mothers. Those experiences were mostly positive. You put forth a worthy principle, but it needs to be entered into with a great deal of prayer, preparation and caution.

SherriMarch 14, 2022

Wow, Becky! I’m truly amazed at all you have done in your lives to take in poor and weary travelers. Thank you for your article and challenge to invite others into our homes.

Dave HansenMarch 14, 2022

WOW! These folks are not just Saints......they are ANGELS!!! God bless them for their love of others in need.



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