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April 1, 2023

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MadisonJune 26, 2022

This only happens when the child is going to die soon after birth. The parents would rather hold their baby till God takes them than have doctors put tubes into the baby in order to try to resuscitate a child that will die.

Ann PriceApril 1, 2022

These are the same people who save turtle eggs, beached whales, elephants, homeless pets, stately trees. Where is the heart when it comes to a human life? Why is there not an ammendment to take the live baby to a hospital for nourishment and offered up for adoption?

Peter CrosbyMarch 17, 2022

This is disgusting, how can this be allowed!

Jim WinebrennerMarch 14, 2022

Thank you so much for an honest and thus naturally disgusted response to the abhorrent changes that are being pushed on so many of the states, and certainly the whole country at the federal level. I'm happy on every (albeit too rare) occasion that I find an article on one of the Church news Web sites that actually demonstrates clarity of mind. Thank you!!

Linda MecklerMarch 14, 2022

No No No No No. This baby after birth is a individual person.

Martha ScottMarch 11, 2022




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