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October 6, 2022

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LoraMarch 9, 2022

When I was a teenager in the 1970's, "sex-change operation" meant that the lower half of the body was surgically altered to match the chosen sex. A person making the transition was required to undergo a year of therapy to prepare for the change. Now it appears that an individual only has to "identify" as the opposite sex, take some hormones, change the hair and clothing style, and we're all supposed to believe that now he is a woman and she is a man. And yet, if you ask the question as Matt Walsh recently did, "What is a woman?" none of the transactivists can answer. In our open-mindedness, women are losing their very definition. The puberty blockers that they use on children are the same drugs used in chemical castration of sex offenders. Apparently, those drugs are "cruel and unusual punishment" for criminals, but perfectly acceptable for minors with a clear psychological problem. If "Full Disclosure" was practiced, trans individuals would be required to read the Trans Regret website to hear the stories of people who regret making the transition. Transition can render the person sterilized, with irreversible damage. If men and women are so equal, why is it that we never hear about transmen trying to get into men's sports? A transwoman in boxing can nearly kill the biological female opponent. Transwomen swimmers and runners leave biological women way behind. When it comes to sports, people with XY chromosomes are just plain better, stronger, with more upper body strength and better hips and knees for forward propulsion. While I have compassion for people who feel like strangers in their own bodies, I am concerned that they will find that the problem doesn't go away with transitioning to the opposite sex. For transwomen who want to occupy the women's locker room, I challenge them to really be "one of the girls" and have the male genitalia removed. Why is it that a man exposing himself in public is a crime, but if he identifies as a woman, it's acceptable in a women's locker room? Or in a women's prison? Is it acceptable for women to go to prison with biological men? It's a good thing that I am retired, because these sentiments of mine would get me fired from my employment. None of this is good for women.



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