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January 16, 2022

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Gwen LeglerJanuary 13, 2022

You have astounding wisdom and insight as a result of what you have experienced. I hope many women read or hear what you had to say, then they will accept others for who they really are!

Jo Ann OkelberryJanuary 13, 2022

It is hard to believe that someone would write something so cruel to another child of God, but she handled it beautifully and in a Christ-like way. The world seems to have forgotten how to be nice and kind and sweet and gentle. There is so much body-shaming in today's society. We need to love ourselves even if our bodies aren't perfect.

jJanuary 13, 2022

You're beautiful! Thank you for being okay with who you are and not bending to worldly ways! Shame on the person who said that.

Diana BinghamJanuary 13, 2022

You are a rock star and amazing. If only; if only we could all love ourselves the way we should; the way God does and they way He commanded. Bless you.

D. HillJanuary 13, 2022

Thank you Rachel for your personal story of triumph over self. You are a shining beacon to women everywhere to love and accept themselves for the beauty and light God has given them. Thank you for showing what a good husband, father and help-meet can be. We all need to encourage, lift, and inspire each other and remember we are made in our Heavenly Parents image and have inherited their characteristics.

Travus AllenJanuary 13, 2022

She is a great person with a great message. I will try to be a better man.

Jan H NielsenJanuary 13, 2022

Amen and hallelujah! Thank you for the wise and true words.

KathieJanuary 13, 2022

What a beautiful story of courage, faith, truth and wisdom. And what a beautiful daughter of Our heavenly Father you are. I am 75 and have felt like a misfit my entire life, having been bullied from Kindergarten all through high school just because I was painfully shy. Thank you for helping women see what really matters. What a great example.

Priscilla OwenJanuary 13, 2022

Fabulous...well done you. You are inspirational, an absolute gatherer.... thank you.

Jeff JohnsonJanuary 13, 2022

What a beautiful and intelligent young lady! God had a unique “recipe” when he made you! Thank you and your husband!

Susan LeggieriJanuary 13, 2022

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your story, your words of wisdom, and your example! I believe you are blessing many lives in what you are doing. You are as beautiful as they come, inside and out. Keep being “that person”!

Scott BevanJanuary 13, 2022

What a powerful response! You are exemplary with beauty inside and out. Thank you for sharing.

StaceyJanuary 13, 2022

Love, Love, Love her!!! Thank you for being real! Thank you for being vulnerable! You are beautiful!

Patricia Hernandez ArnazziJanuary 13, 2022

You are an absolutely gorgeous young woman, with a beautiful face, hair and body, but most of all a beautiful spirit, wisdom and keen intellect which helps you very charismatically express your sentiments. Thank you for your example of tolerance, humility and forgiveness. You Rock!



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