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July 7, 2022

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Dan ShewellJanuary 11, 2022

I sure appreciated your insights! My own thought have led me to similar observations and conclusions but I am not nearly as adept at putting those ideas into words. Thank you.

Harold RustJanuary 11, 2022

Great article...but I felt it was just a prelude to what I had hoped to read regarding the biblical reflections on the broader purpose of human sexuality and why our identity is first of all that of a child of God rather than I see myself as male or as female or as something else. When that identity of our relationship with God is firm in our beliefs and our perspectives, then everything else is tied to following the commandments which God has given for all mortals regarding the fundamental purpose of procreation and family.

vickieJanuary 10, 2022

this writing is complicated to read. it sort of goes round and round. i have one son who is homosexual and married another man. yes it was hard for me when this happened. i have four other children who are not homosexual and are married to the opposite sex. my one son who is, knows that we love him but we do not understand how this can happen. i believe what God says and the family proclamation as to what is right but i also believe that a person has to make their own choices. all we feel we can do because we dont understand how this can be is love my son. to just enjoy him for his character or personhood. He is a son of God as his partner is. i respect that.



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